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原正次 Masatsugu Hara

Born in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1956
Studies nihonga and oil painting techniques from early childhood.

Creates jewelry with a pictorial approach,

beginning the design by drawing parts of human anatomy.

Giving life to <unified elegance of jewelry and human body>.

Drawing inspiration from the cosmic and the natural worlds,

scaling designs from minimal to ornamental,

and continuously creating highly artistic pieces.


CESTA DI KARATI Second generation designer
原メイヤ Meier Hara

Born in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1986 Second generation KARATI. Joins KARATI in 2012.

Mainly overseeing international projects through implementation of English and Chinese language skills.

Releases first collection as a designer in 2020.

Creates pieces with a unique approach

while staying true to the KARATI Weltanschauung.

In addition to jewelry design, he is also active as a product designer in a wide variety of fields.



1982            Opening of KARATI Jewels retail store in

                    Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

1989            Founding of CESTA DI KARATI Japan Co., Ltd.

2000            Opening of KARATI Ginza Showroom & Office

2002            Acquisition of patent for HARA RING structure

2003-2004   Releasing creations for four Paris Haute Couture


                    Participating at the jewelry category of

                    Paris Haute Couture’s brand Jean-Louis Scherrer.

                    First Japanese jewelry designer

                    participating at the Paris Haute Couture collection

2006            Opening of KARATI PARIS BOUTIQUE (to 2011)

2010            Displaying creations at an exhibition in Qatar

                    Participating at the exhibition with an invitation

                    from Alfardan Group

2012            Launch of the second brand “pug na emily”

                    created by daughter Emily Hara

2014            Exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas

2017            Opening of KARATI Nihonbashi Takashimaya store

                    First Japanese jewelry designer present at

                    Nihombashi Takashimaya department store

2020            First collection release as KARATI designer by son

                    Meier Hara, second generation creator

Japan Quality


In Numazu under Mt Fuji

Expert artisans create

Japan's world-class technical finesse

 Numazu City in Shizuoka Prefecture, birthplace of designer Masatsugu Hara
Numazu, a city of abundant nature, surrounded by the sea, mountains and rivers

as well as offering splendid views of Mt Fuji,
is where KARATI headquarters and atelier are located.

KARATI has a total of 18 employees,
while 9 of them work as artisans at our atelier.

Strictly controlled casting preventing porosity
and highly-skilled artisans’ devotion to create haute couture with special pieces
bring about highest quality corresponding to global standards.

Similarly to other industries, the Japanese jewelry industry likewise incorporating
aspects of traditional handicraft skills is facing a decline of artisans preserving long-lasting traditions.

we are aware of the need to succeed the carefully cultivated craftsmanship to next generations,
which is why we have been actively involved in activities for nurturing young artisans.

Young artisans as well have increased to

3 in the twenties and 4 in the thirties at this point,
and they are being taught by a veteran who is in the sixties,
resulting in an intertwinement of skills and spirit with the young generation.


Heading for the world from a small town, called Numazu.

Delivering the sentiment from us, here at KARATI, to people all over the world.

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