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 HARA RING is a common appellation

for rings with ergonomic structure invented by
Mr Masatsugu Hara, the founder of KARATI and the brand designer.

Adorned not only by artistic presence, but also by functionality,

the HARA RING are representative masterpieces of KARATI brand.

 This revolutionary invention, designed to fit the structure of all fingers

has acquired the patent no. 3293805 for its structure.

Generally, HARA RING are intended to

be worn on the index finger, the little finger, and the middle finger.


Our hands form an arch, and except the middle finger, all fingers connect diagonally.

In order to fit the finger base of fingers connecting diagonally,
the structure of rings themselves has been created in a diagonal manner,
thus achieving comfortability of wearing, unimaginable for traditional rings.

by structuring the rings in a diagonal way, they are able to fit deeply into the root of the finger,
providing a beautifully elongated impression of the fingers.


Also, the index finger and the small finger
are fingers most elegantly reflecting essential human behavior.

This is because
the sides of both fingers have abundant space
and are the easiest to capture people’s gaze.

There are many people

who usually do not wear rings on their
index finger or small finger,


and when they try, they realize

these fingers are such wonderful

as this collection actually enhances the elegance of their behavior even more.

Since pieces from the HARA RING collection
also have design features on the sides
they intensify even more remarkably the elegance of the index and the small finger.


The middle finger is uniquely straight-shaped.

 For this reason,
the HARA RING for middle finger is designed in positive symmetry.


The difference with traditional ring is its formation

into a neckless-like object for finger decoration;
this is a ring which fits deeply into the base of the finger, intensifying its elongated elegance.


HARA RING, rings that continue to be loved for more than 30 years.

Adorned not only by superior features of design,
but also by precious functionality enabling their everyday use.

Art as extraordinariness and function as everydayness.

You are most kindly invited to indulge
in the fusion of aesthetics and functional elegance.

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