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Pointed and powerful vigor reminiscent of pine needles

expressed with straight sharp lines.
Minimally designed, the Pinus,
a natural embodiment of the wearer’s personality.
The most distinctive KARATI collection.


Flowing elegantly downward between the rocks
evoking a small silent waterfall.
Fine art jewelry,
natural shapes abstracted through the beauty of curves.


All life is movement.
And its fundamental energy
is shaped as a spiral vortex.
This collection is inspired by respect

toward Viktor Schauberger,

the naturalist who proposed this phenomenon.

Meier Sapio

A collection by Meier Hara, the second generation designer.
Sapio means wise, in Latin.
The subject of this work is <wisdom inhabited by sexual attraction>.
Sexual attraction is expressed as intelligent and glamorous
with red and black as main colors.

Meier lllusion

A collection by Meier Hara, the second generation designer.
Profoundly mysterious high-end optical illusion jewelry,
implemented in collaboration with Mr Kokichi Sugihara of Meiji University.
<heart→club>, <clover→butterfly> and other pieces
filled with transformative playfulness depending on the angle of observation.

Meier Varier

The change of time.

A change of heart.

For changing seasons and feelings

Corresponding jewelry.

Change the angle and orientation of the ring,

Enjoy the "change" at that moment.

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